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In the general therapy of patients with AD, it is necessary to include, especially in children, enzyme preparations (abomin, festal, mezim-forte, panzinorm) and various zubiotics (bifidumbacterim, bactisubtil, lineks, etc.). Eubiotics are best prescribed based on the results of a microbiological study of Fildena pills for dysbacteriosis. The appointment of antioxidants, especially Aevit and Vetoron, also has a good effect. External treatment is carried out taking into account the severity of the inflammatory reaction, the extent of the lesion, age and associated complications of local infection.

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In the acute stage, accompanied by weeping and crusting, lotions containing anti-inflammatory, disinfectant drugs (for example, Burov's liquid, chamomile, tea infusion) are used.

After removing theFor acute inflammation, creams, ointments and pastes containing itch-soothing and anti-inflammatory substances are used (Naftalan oil 2-10%, tar 1-2%, ichthyol 2-5%, sulfur, etc.). Widespread use in external therapy received corticosteroid drugs. The main, basic corticosteroids in the treatment of fildena continue to be drugs such as celestoderm (cream, ointment), celestoderm with garamycin and triderm (cream, ointment) - includes anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal components. In recent years, new topical non-fluorinated corticosteroids have been introduced to the pharmaceutical market. These include Elokom and Advantan.

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Currently, the greatest experience in the use in dermatology among new drugs has been accumulated by Elokom (mometasone furoate 0.1%) both around the world and in the practice of Russian doctors. In this regard, I would like to highlight some of the features of Elokom in more detail. The unique structure of mometasone with the presence of a furoate ring provides high anti-inflammatory efficacy, not inferior to fluorine-containing corticosteroids. Long-term anti-inflammatory effect allows you to prescribe Elocom 1 time per day.

The low systemic absorption of Elokom (0.4-0.7%) gives confidence to doctors in the absence of systemic complications (of course, subject to the basic rules for the use of GCS). It is known that for the entire period of fildena pills Elocom in medical practice, which is more than 13 years, there have been no cases of complications from the HPA system.

At the same time, the absence of a fluorine molecule in the Elokom structure ensures high local safety of the drug (because it is the use of fluorinated and especially double-fluorinated drugs that increases the risk of skin atrophy). Data from international studies indicate that the safety level of Elokom corresponds to hydrocortisone acetate 1%.

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Elocom and Advantan are recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Russian Union of Pediatricians for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children as an industry standard. An important advantage of Elokoma is also the presence of three dosage forms - ointment, cream and lotion.

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This allows you to apply Elocom at different stages of atopic dermatitis, on different areas of the skin and in young children (from two years old).

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Ultraviolet irradiation. In the treatment of stubborn atopic dermatitis, light therapy can be a very useful adjuvant. UV light requires only 3-4 treatments per week and, with the exception of erythema, has few side effects.

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